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this is it, pansit!

"Pansit for loooooong life!" is how we say it in my country, drawing a parallelism to the length of the noodle to the length of one's life. 😎

Pansit or pancit means noodles. The origin of noodles in Filipino cuisine can be traced back to the era in Philippine history when the early Chinese migrants, traded and then settled in the archipelago.According to Wiki, the word pansit is derived from the Hokkien word "pian i sit" meaning convenient food, attributing to the ease and speed of preparing this dish. Since its introduction, noodles has been adopted and has evolved into its many variations islands-wide that are a staple today.

As such, growing up, pansit was part of my family's tradition, as is typical in most Filipino homes. It is a regular in the family's menu. And how can a fiesta, party or special get-together be ever complete without it? It is just one of those dishes that someone in the family or clan prepares for sharing.

Pansit canton guisado,
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let's get salted!

There is the dilemma that some of us ask at some point in our life.... which came first, salted egg or chicken? ۟🐔

Harhar.  (But carryin' on... 😁) I will say they both came at the same time exquisitely!

Here in merlion city, almost every type of food has got a salted egg version of it. No kidding! There's salted egg burger, salted egg prawns, salted egg pasta and even salted egg pastry. The latest fad, it seems, is the salted egg potato chips. I wonder what salted-egg-ish concoction will come up next!

Despite the hype for some other salted-egg-ed things, this chicken recipe is more of a classic Singaporean dish. It is very tasty and, happily I learned, quite simple to make too.

For this delicious food, i will gladly point you to's video recipe. I'm a huge fan. If you aren't yet, let me just tell you that their take on this is  e a s y  to follow. Their video is a feast for the eyes, the music will pump up your energy in the kitchen. 👍👍

❣By the way, s…

no-bake eggy pie

If I've not mentioned it already, my little family is in love with chicken 🐔 eggs. 😍 We do not have the e99y as our beloved padre de pamilya for no reason at all. 
Omelette, sunny side up, egg sandwich, deviled eggs, scotch eggs, adobo eggs, salted eggs, egg soup, oh the list does go on! 

Another of our favorite take is steamed Eggy Pie. Much-loved by my brood, this one is perfect for merienda in school and at work or right in the comfort of home. Dessert? Easily so!

Simple and delicious, this is also a no-bake recipe. Instead of oven, only a steamer  is needed. And THAT makes it an absolute keeper in my recipe list! 😎

Steamed Eggy Pie
Serving size: 8-inch pan

1+1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cold butter
2 tbsp sugar

3 large eggs
1 cup evaporated milk
3/4 cup condensed milk
Vanilla essence

Prepare the crust:
1. Mash and mix the dry ingredients below.
11/2 cup all-purpose flour
    1/2 cup cold butter chopped to small cubes
    2 tbsp sugar*
*Whether brown or white depends on the color you&…

Hummus try this!

Hummus is long overdue; this was my hubby's request for the longest time already. The classic take is always using chickpeas. My easy excuse was that chickpeas here in our region is not as cheap; no main ingredient, no hummus! 😝

But ever so thankful for foodies around the world who share their recipes online... was I happy to find that there are versions using eggplants, squash, and cauliflower!!! Definitely cheaper alternative to the peas. For sure there are quite a few more options out there. But Google already had me at eggplants.

Our eggplant hummus turned out delicious. Hummus really try this!  Sorry, but pun intended 😁. 

This hummus is apparently called Baba Ganoush, originating from the Arab region. (File exotic name in a shelf along long-term memory aisle. Check! Ohhh lots of yummy dishes in those places. But that's for another day in the kitchen. For now...)

Let me it note down for future Arabian-esque dinner nights at home.

Baba Ganoush

2 tbsp peanut butter*
2 tbsp lemon …

Kitchenuymics: Watch that [Language]!

Kitchen jargon can be quite a mouthful. It can get really confusing, especially if you have just started cooking or are giving instructions to one who is. However, if you also need to translate an English cooking term into your own dialect, the challenge level rises even more! 😕🤔
We really got to watch that language, yes? 😅

I compiled here the words I fairly use in our kitchen. I included in the list those that are pretty self-explanatory, but of huge importance to recall my Visayan version of these words. I hope this helps you too in some way!

a feast for the eyes

Are you both a foodie and a movie buff?
If so, then surely you love watching on the big screen movies that largely incorporate scrumptious food!

For being such deliciously charming movies, what are your favorites?

Top in my list are these two:

1. Ratatouille (2007) 
Set in France, this is the story of an unlikely friendship of a one-of-a-kind rat, Remy, and a hard up, clumsy but kind young man, Linguini; where one has an unusually refined taste for a rodent, and the other an unbeknownst inheritance. Their circumstances take them to a partnership they never imagined to reach for their dreams!

This being a family movie that entertains the young and young once is a huge plus!

2. Chef (2014) 
This is a heartfelt and funny story of a 50-something chef in California. He is divorced and had no time for his young son. His career once started promisingly; foodies were on the lookout for his gastronomic creations. But pressure from the restaurant's prudent management, who is all for consis…

how i met Nancy Drew

It was my sister who introduced me to Nancy Drew and her posse, Bess and George. Back in 4th grade, from a book she brought home from the school library.  Erm, at least that's how I remember it.
One Nancy Drew thing stands out in my memory though. The title "The Secret of the Old Clock".  I vividly remember how the book looked, hard-bound, yellow spine, thick pages. The picture in the front cover showed Nancy, alone, crouched on the grass in the quiet woods at night, opening that old clock and looking so, well, so secretive about it!  I recall how i felt then, seeing that picture, there is a thrill, like you were on the verge of discovery of a very precious secret!  
Thus, i got hooked in a much enjoyable way.  I had graduated from fairy tales, fables and legends and had moved into mystery. It was one mystery solved after another! A different kind of adventure!
How about you?  Were you, or are you an avid Nancy Drew fan? What was your 1st mystery solved with her? 🔍 Who…